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Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) scheme is provided for separation of aqueous waste to its water and solids components wherein the water is reused and solids are recovered as byproducts or disposed as waste.

ZLD enables the industry to overcome the environmental constraints of water scarcity, strong enforcement of environmental regulations, non availability of disposal point or land lock area, highly polluting industrial activity, industrial effluent having very high TDS &/or organic matter, limited hydraulic capacity of ETP and non complaint ETP.

We offer ZLD as a efficient system integration of effluent segregation, optimal energy consumption, equipment compatibility and attending variables of effluent nature and flow rate.

ZLD benefits the industry by reducing fresh water demand, generates makeup water, reduces effluent discharge thereby reducing water pollution, reduces cost of disposal at common infrastructure, improve efficiency of effluent treatment through separation of salts and residual solvents, recovery of valuable byproducts thereby reducing the payback period, separation of mixed solvents for reuse/use as AFR/Co-processing and ease in getting environmental permissions.

We have executed ZLD projects for high TDS effluents, high COD effluents, recovery of salts and oil containing effluents.