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Sequential Aeration Tank (SAT)

Sequential Aeration Tank (SAT) is a fill-and-draw activated sludge treatment system. It is compact, time oriented and capable of removing nutrients from wastewater. All the processes viz. fill, react, settle and decant are carried out sequentially in same tank.

We have adopted fixed decanter system for its advantage of low cost, ease of maintenance and operation.

Operation : Description

Fill : Addition of influent to reactor
React : Influent undergo biological oxidation in presence of DO and biomass
Settle : Separation of biosolids from treated wastewater
Draw : Withdrawal of treated wastewater from reactor
Idle : Phase between decanting and fillling the reactor


  • Equalization, primary clarification (in most cases), biological treatment, and secondary clarification can be achieved in a single reactor vessel
  • Operating flexibility and control
  • Minimal footprint
  • Potential capital cost savings by eliminating clarifiers and other equipment
  • Modular configuration for capacity enhancement

We have successfully executed EPC contracts and supplied package plants for waste water treatment based on SAT for FMCG sector of industries, buildings and domestic effluent.