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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) can be defined as system integrating biological degradation of waste products with membrane filtration. MBR is composed of two primary parts, the biological unit responsible for the biodegradation of the waste compounds and the membrane module for the physical separation of the treated water from mixed liquor.

We have adopted out-of-system MBR for its advantage of having single tank process and no human contact operations. The MBR based wastewater treatment provided by us is configured for air-lift and cross flow operations.


Reliability : Better technology, ensuring consistently high effluent quality
Compactness : The intensive nature of the process minimises space requirements
Robustness : Resistance to shock effluent loads
Reduced sludge : The production of solid waste is reduced, limiting disposal costs
Economy : Advanced aeration and membrane technology minimises power demand

Salient Features:

  • Compact systems significantly reducing plant footprint
  • Higher strength wastewater can be treated with lower biomass yields Capable to handle fluctuations in nutrient concentrations
  • Total separation of solids and control of the SRT and HRT
  • Optimum control of the microbial population and flexibility in operation Improved possibility of oxidation of High molecular weight soluble compounds Capable of meeting stringent discharge requirements
  • Prevent the escape of exocellular enzymes and soluble oxidants - capable of degrading a wider range of carbon sources Eliminates process difficulties and problems associated with settling basins.
  • Produce sterile effluent
  • Eliminates extensive disinfection and the corresponding hazards

We have successfully executed EPC contracts and supplied package plants for waste water treatment based on MBR for dairy, organic chemicals, pharma, pesticides and food industries and domestic effluent.